In the world today, there is a lot of celebration of the completion of work, but not as much celebration of the effectiveness of work. You see this in all industries and in all subjects. It is very common to see a news article celebrating the fact that some project has been done, and then operating on the assumption that it was successful because it was expensive, or beautiful, or done by some famous person/company. Rarely do you see actual numbers demonstrating the effectiveness of that work.

People want to live their lives, not your agenda

Most politicians seem to have some vast idea of these huge groups of people that need to have "something done about/for them." As a result, they take these actions that are vast generalities that end up harming as many people (or more people) than they help. In fact, most human rights disasters throughout history are … Continue reading People want to live their lives, not your agenda

Differences and Identities

One of the qualities of an insane person is the inability to differentiate things that are different--to say that two things that are actually different are instead similar or identical. Consequently, insane people (or at least, evil people) tend to take two things that are different and say they are the same. A classic example … Continue reading Differences and Identities